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Los Angeles duo Best Coast closed out the Red Bull Sound Select on Tuesday night in Austin, Texas, with an hour-plus set that heavily featured songs from last year’s The Only Place, a few new tracks and a solid dose of drunken banter.

The band was clearly having a good time, as frontwoman Bethany Cosentino consistently bantered with the crowd.  The music carried Best Coast’s sunny vibe, too.  ”Crazy For You” and “Summer Mood” – from their 2010 debut full-length Crazy For You – were two early favorites, as were the title track to The Only Place, and “Why I Cry” and “No One Like You” off that 2012 album.

After various shout-outs to Grumpy Cat, the band’s under 21 fans who weren’t allowed to come to the party, and her mad love for Fraiser, Cosentino asked the audience to raise their hands if they were wasted.

When not enough hands went up, she shouted, “Well, get wasted, because all of the people on this stage are wasted and we are not going to fake it.” She then held up her mason jar of beer and toasted, “Cheers!”

Best Coast’s less than sober state was apparent shortly thereafter when Cosentino struggled to remember her guitar intro to “Let’s Go Home.” On the third take, Bobb Bruno walked over and put his hand over the neck of her Tele to cut her off.

“Play it right,” he commanded.

Cosentino laughed it off, replying “Bobb’s mad at me. I hope YOU guys will forgive me.”

The crowd didn’t seem to mind, other than they were hungry to actually hear the Only Place standout.

Best Coast also debuted  “Who Have I Become,” which will be released on a 7” on April 20 in honor of Record Store Day.

“That was scary playing that live for first time,” said Cosentino before launching into “one you know” with “Our Deal.”

The indie rockers closed out the night in high spirits with the radio-friendly “Boyfriend.”

Best Coast at Red Bull Soundstage

Best Coast at Red Bull Soundstage


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