Best Coast Bring the Chill

Review and photo by Mike Duffy

As the sun set Sunday at Coachella, Best Coast walked out onto the “Outside Theatre,” and really, could there be a better choice to help concert-goers ease their way from sweltering-hot afternoon to cool evening full of The Strokes and Kanye West.

Los Angeles’ Best Coast’s hazy, lo-fi beach pop provided the perfect respite, as fans in attendance lazed on the grass and listened to frontwoman Bethany Cosentino’s ethereal voice talk about crushes, sand and summer sun.

Simply put, it was a show for people who just wanted to chill out.

Perhaps the best part about Best Coast is that the group doesn’t take itself too seriously, namely Cosentino.

She was genuinely happy to be there, telling the crowd with genuine gratitude, “I went to Coachella when I was 18; I went to Coachella when I was 19. Now, I’m 24 and playing Coachella.”

Cosentino, who wrote and recorded Crazy For You with multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno, keeps it easy, even if some of her lyrics make things complicated.

“I can do anything without you/I can’t do anything with you/You drive me crazy but I love you/You make me lazy, but I love you,” she sings on “Crazy For You,” the set’s second song.

No matter, Cosentino and Beach House were all about having fun. In fact, she implored the crowd to do so as well several times.

As a perfect example of the lightness of the evening, Cosentino told the audience to ask West if she could sing background on one of his tracks, followed by deadpanning about her awkward stage banter.

Best Coast closed with an extended and powerful version of “Each and Every Day,” an ode to unanswered love that got the gathering in the stage’s immediate vicinity dancing.

“Every day I was up and thank the stars above/For sending me a man who I could really love/If only I could convince you to feel the same way,” Cosentino cooed.

At least on Sunday, she was happy. Heading into the final slate of Coachella shows, it seemed those that attended Best Coast were, too.


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