'Bass Player' Reviews Squier Vintage Modified Basses


In Bass Player magazine’s December issue, Jonathan Herrera shares his thorough and favorable review of the new Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jaguar, Jazz Bass ’77 and Precision Bass guitars.

After separately breaking down the design, specs and tone of each bass, Herrera comes to this conclusion:

“Squier’s Vintage Modified Series represents extraordinary value. Let’s say, for example, you always knew you should have P-Bass in your arsenal but were hesitant to spend too much or risk your money on an off-brand of questionable origins. Now, you’ve got an option. The Vintage Modified Series gives you access to genuinely well made, good-sounding instruments that are indeed evocative of essential voices in our instrumental lexicon. They’re not just good for the price. They’re just good.”

Order the issue here, and then head to page 46 to get the full review.


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