AutoVaughn…On Tour Now with Cage the Elephant

Darren Edwards, lead singer for AutoVaughn, just shot us his latest blog entry:

If I had to describe the current tour w/ cage the elephant and morning teleportation and use only adjectives that start with the letter C I’d probably go for:


The shows/crowds have been great and we’ve been able to catch up with some old friends, meet some new crazy peeps and work on our meditation techniques.

We had the day off today in Lakeland, Fla.,  so we went and played some jams for Ben’s mom’s kindergarten class. The show went pretty well except they didn’t fulfill our rider so we’re suing them.

Tomorrow we bring some sound to Jacksonville, Fla.

Also, a whole slew of new tour dates with Cage the Elephant and the 22-20′s will be announced this week. Stay tuned. Yeah, I said slew. So?

Darren also shot us the video below, which includes expletive language not appropriate for this morning’s kindergarten audience! Watchers be warned!


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