Five “Other” Fender Instruments

When you hear “Fender,” you invariably think of the big four instruments: the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass guitars. While those certainly are Leo Fender’s four most revolutionary, acclaimed and enduring stringed creations, there have been many other instruments bearing his name that are noteworthy for the distinctiveness of their design if not household-name status.

Guthrie Trapp Releases Solo Debut Pick Peace

Ace session guitarist Guthrie Trapp, one of Nashville’s most in-demand musicians, released debut solo album Pick Peace on Sept. 18. On the album, Trapp deftly makes his way through six original songs and four inspired covers, seamlessly merging diverse country, blues, Latin, reggae, jazz, rock and even experimental influences.

American Vintage Series Feature ’1st 46′ Units

A limited number of the new American Vintage Series instruments feature “1st 46” neck plates, a designation given to the first 46 instruments of each model year. These neck plates commemorate the fact that Fender was founded in 1946, as well as the fact that Fender is releasing the most accurate and beautiful Fender reissue instruments ever from key historical years.