Plugged In: Infantree

Don’t try to pin a specific music genre on Southern California indie rockers Infantree. When listening to their latest album, a ton of influences come to mind.

Paisley Puts Country Stamp on Hollywood

Decked out in a black T-shirt with Los Angeles emblazoned across the front, blue jeans and a Stetson, country superstar Paisley proudly pronounced early-on in his Saturday night set at the Hollywood Bowl that “the rednecks have invaded Hollywood.”

Take Your Pic Contest Winner Claims his Prize

As the grand-prize winner of the Fender Take Your Pic contest, Brent Harwell of Rossville, Ga. and his 12-year-old son Asa enjoyed a free trip to Corona, Calif. last week to visit the Fender Visitor Center and tour the factory.

Album Pick of the Month: Muse’s The 2nd Law

Listening to Muse’s sixth studio album, The 2nd Law, one can’t help but think about Freddie Mercury’s epic rock-opera vocals if they were tracked over a 21st-century techno soundtrack.

Five “Other” Fender Instruments

When you hear “Fender,” you invariably think of the big four instruments: the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass guitars. While those certainly are Leo Fender’s four most revolutionary, acclaimed and enduring stringed creations, there have been many other instruments bearing his name that are noteworthy for the distinctiveness of their design if not household-name status.