Australian Rockers Circle Team with Fender Music Foundation

Teaming up with the Fender Music Foundation, Australian rock band Circle recently released a video for “All the People” in the hopes of furthering the nonprofit’s mission – to strengthen the future of music.

The video is an ethereal look at a mother and son seeing impending doom in a nearby city.  With only enough time to grab his guitar, the son slowly ascends to space to join his mother and the remaining survivors.

“’All the People’ is a tale of growth and revival through loss,” said band member Radi Safi. “When we find ourselves lost in a world consumed by fear and inhibition, sometimes it takes breaking away and making something beautiful with like minded people to remind us of the power within, the power of coming together and – in this case – the power of music!”

The Fender Music Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides instruments to music education programs, including schools, community programs and music therapy programs that give more people the opportunity to make music.

For more information, visit the Fender Music Foundation’s official website.


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