Aquila Nylgut™ Strings Now Standard on Fender Ukes

Aquila Nylgut™ Strings Now Standard on Fender Ukes

Uke slingers take note—Fender’s three ukulele models now come set up with pro-quality Aquila Nylgut strings.

The benefit of Nylgut, a new synthetic material, is that it accurately imitates the acoustic properties of gut strings without the high cost, short life and severe climatic instability typical of real gut ukulele strings. As such, Nylgut is the first truly successful synthetic version of the natural product.

Nylgut is superior in several ways to the nylon strings previously offered on the Fender ukes that debuted in 2009—Ukulele Hau’oli, Ukulele Nohea and Ukulele Pa’ina. Aquila’s synthetic strings resist wear under tension greater than gut strings, and they display far more immunity to changes in climate than nylon strings, resulting in greater string life and much better tuning stability.

At right, Fender’s Ukulele Nohea.


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