Anthrax Anecdotes: Laundry in Europe

Anthrax Anecdotes: Laundry in Europe 

Fender signature bass player Frank Bello is back on the road with New York City-based thrash metal band Anthrax. Currently in the middle of a European tour, Anthrax returns stateside later this summer to tour with Slipknot. Throughout the summer, Bello has generously agreed to share his road journal with us in his blog, Anthrax Anecdotes. Enjoy his third entry!

June 29, 2009 - I think I found a sure way to make money in Europeopen a laundromat. For the past couple of days throughout Croatia and the Czech Republic, I’ve been walking around with some of the crew trying to find a place to wash clothes because I’m wearing my last clean pair of underwear. After today I was going to have to go commando, something that’s not fun at all because the last time I did that, there was this whole chaffing thing that began down there.

So, after seemingly endless hours of walking and rejections, we finally found somebody connected with the show who took pity on us and brought the clothes to her home and cleaned them with her own washer and dryer. Whoever you are lady, my boys say, “Thank you.”


Frank Bello on bass
Frank Bello onstage.
Photo by Andy Buchanan

Aside from the laundry fiasco, the shows continue to be amazing. Since the last time I wrote, we’ve played Croatia, The Czech Republic, Schloss and Germany. We even played at two different festivals in one day. Believe me, when I got up that morning at around 8:30 am, still fuzzy and hurting from the night before, I remember whining to myself that it definitely looked better on paper than actually getting up to play so damn early, but it all turned out great. The first show of the day was The Devil Side festival in Duisburg, Germany, where they billed the show as “Breakfast with Anthrax” at 11:00 am, so we went on stage dressed in robes and brought coffee machines and toasters to get into the vibe. Amazingly there were more than 12,000 people there for us, all totally awake and into it. The next show of the day was about a three-hour drive to Dessel, Belgium for the Graspop festival, where we went on around 7 p.m. in front of more than 20,000 people. Thankfully, it was another great show!

The cool thing about playing festivals in Europe, aside from the great shows and fans, is that you get to hang out and catch up with some friends from other bands who are on the bill. Today I hung out and caught up with Mark (Morton) from Lamb of God and talked about everythingfrom life on the road to our families. Good luck with the baby dude!

I also got to hang with my friend Dan from Disturbed, who always has great advice for me on how to deal with being away from my son while I’m on the road. He is a truly a solid human being. In my next blog, I’ll have to tell you about going out after our show in Amsterdam where Dan, Mike and John from Disturbed showed up. I’d do so now, but since the Jagermeister was flowing, my head is still like scrambled eggs and I can’t get my thoughts together yet.

Anyway, until next time,







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