Another New Project for Nels Cline

Nels Cline
Nels Cline

Wilco’s ever-busy guitarist Nels Cline has teamed up with his good friend Mike Watt (Minuteman, Stooge), ex-Cibo Matto member Yuka Honda (keyboard) and drummer Dougie Browne for a new group called Floored by Four.

The new outfit has been signed to Chimera and according to pitchfork.com plans to release their self-titled debut on Sept. 28.

In a Fender News Q&A with Cline from a few months back, he talked about what inspires him to collaborate on a new project.

“It’s not any one thing,” Cline told Fender News. “I think the number one thing is, I guess, sound; I love sound. So if I can play with people who have a sensibility about sound, whose approach to their instruments or music that they write or conceive is some way beautiful or fascinating or intense or anything of those things, that’s a factor. But sometimes, it’s just I like people. I just simply like them—it’s maybe not even just musical but their sensibility—and they’re friends and people I enjoy being with, and sometimes that is as important to me as anything.”

In the meantime, Cline fans should check out Initiate, the Nels Cline Singers’ fourth recording which documents a remarkable three-day recording session at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley and The Singers’ first live concert recording at Café du Nord in San Francisco.


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