Andrew Leahey & the Homestead Perform on the Fender Airstream

“Andrew Leahey & the Homestead: If Ryan Adams and Tom Petty had a baby.” — The Venn Review

When Nashville- and Richmond-based band Andrew Leahey & the Homestead dropped by the Fender Airstream, they performed a pair of heartfelt breezy numbers in “Shot” and ”Little in Love.”

“I wrote ‘Little in Love’ on the way back from SXSW,” Leahey told American Songwriter. “Two bands were riding home in the same car, meaning we had nine exhausted people — along with a bunch of gear, luggage, merchandise, etc — stuffed into one conversion van. It could’ve been a terrible drive back to Nashville, but it wound up being easy. Enjoyable, even. I started thinking about those fleeting moments where everything seems so promising, so perfect and infinite.”

Leahey is certainly not one to take those perfect moments for granted. The songwriter underwent brain surgery in November 2013 to remove an acoustic neuroma on his hearing nerve.

“Music was definitely on my mind,” he said in an interview with CantonRep.com. “There’s a chance when you go under for any operation this serious, that you just won’t wake up. But I wasn’t worried about dying as much as I worried about my career dying. When I woke up from surgery, the first thing I heard from my wife was that I still had my hearing.”

Fortunately, Leahey recovered from surgery and returned to the road earlier this year.

Watch the “cozy and comfy” rock and roll outfit in action below and check out more of their music here.


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