American Songwriter Brings You Holiday Gear Guide With The Apache Relay

In its November/December issue, American Songwriter magazine teamed up with indie-roots band the Apache Relay to bring you the musician’s ultimate holiday gear guide.

The band picked up tons of gear, took it on the rigors of the road, and tested it to offer their final verdict and help you build your holiday wish list.

Among the featured gear was a Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster, which Apache Relay guitarist Ben Ford rocked out to in full-fledged touring mode.

“Over a three week tour of the Southeast, this guitar was used nightly, facing the perils of the road and the stage, making for a truly hands-on demo experience,” Ford told American Songwriter.

Ford also told the magazine he was “thoroughly impressed” with the Jazzmaster’s performance, and concluded “it’s an all around great guitar” after delving into technicalities and specs.

Another axe in the Apache Relay’s hands was a Fender American Vintage ’75 Jazz Bass, which electrified bassist Michael Ford, Jr.

“Fender’s American Made Vintage ’75 Jazz Bass startled me with its high-quality build,” Ford, Jr., told American Songwriter.

Ford, Jr. gave the ’75 Jazz Bass his whole-hearted endorsement, and said he’d recommend it “for any player who enjoys the feel of a Jazz Bass.”

Other Fender gear reviewed in the holiday guide was the Fender Blues Junior Amp III, and the Fender ’69 American Vintage Thinline Telecaster.

Read the entire review at American Songwriter here.

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