Alto Music

The giant Fender headstock looms over the wares of the Middletown. N.Y., location.

Jon Haber opened the first Alto Music in 1989. It was a small store, but Haber had big plans and big ideas that included taking Fender to the top of his retail mountain.

Alto Music now stocks and displays one of the East Coast’s most complete selections of products from Fender, Squier®, Jackson®, Gretsch® and more. The vast flagship location in Middletown, N.Y., opened in 2002 and boasts 30,000 square feet of beautifully merchandised musical gear. Two other Alto stores include Wappingers Falls, N.Y. (1991) and Airmont, N.Y. (2005), all of which apply the same winning philosophy—massive inventory, impressive displays and a seasoned, highly customer-oriented sales staff that treats customers like family and knows how to take care of everyone who walks through their doors.

The first thing your eye will likely be drawn to when stepping into the Middletown super store is a giant 25-foot Fender headstock looming over an array of Fender guitars and a small mountain of Fender amps. That alone could tell you that you’re in the right store for Fender gear, but Alto’s unmatched modern showroom in fact displays Fender, Charvel®, EVH®, Gretsch and Jackson guitars hanging everywhere, and nearly every amp and accessory, too.

Given the vast selection and such a friendly and knowledgeable staff, customers are virtually assured of finding exactly what they’re looking for right there on the premises.

A particularly special shopping experience awaits customers in the Middletown store’s “Voo Doo Lounge”—a boutique store-within-the-store that Haber has filled with high-end gear, including a large and gorgeous selection of Fender Custom Shop guitars and U.S.-made Fender instruments, plus the finest instruments and amps from Gretsch, EVH, Charvel and more. The lounge is an incredibly cool hang, complete with a large leather couch and Fender coffee table. Further, the store’s exquisite acoustic showroom is filled with a fantastic selection of Fender and Guild® acoustics—an elegant and comfortable room in which to quietly enjoy the sound of a fine acoustic guitar.

Haber notes that Fender has been “instrumental” in Alto’s success from the very beginning, and he prides himself on the fact that customers can continually find Fender’s latest and most innovative products in his stores.

“The consistency and quality of Fender’s products is always spot-on,” he said. “It offers such a variety of models that it’s easy to find that right guitar for the customer. And with Fender there’s always something new in the making, and our customers always like to hear about new and exciting products and ideas.”

Ultimately, Alto Music’s world of products is about as complete as it gets, and Haber and his staff are dedicated to making sure that a satisfied Alto customer is also a satisfied Fender customer—for life.

Above, examples of the vast and fine selection at Alto Music.


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