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Pick up Guitar Player’s 2011 New Products issue for a stellar spread on Fender artist Ana Popovic, a Serbian-born singer/songwriter and blues guitarist.

In the Q&A, Popovic discusses her training, and dishes on her preferred guitars, amps and pedals.

Asked specifically how she’s able to use a Strat for her jazz box tone and her blues and rock tones, she says, “First of all, I play a ’64 Strat that responds to every nuance of my playing in a way new ones just don’t. Actually, I almost returned it because it was a little wild and hard to handle at first. I had to tame it! But it was worth the work because it feels alive. It captures my various moods and energies onstage the way no other instrument I’ve ever had can touch. By using various pickups in conjunction with tweaking the controls and mixing up my attack, I’m able to get something like ten distinctly different tones. For jazzy stuff, I use the middle pickup to get the cleanest sound, and roll down the Tone knob. And I’ll often palm my pick and use my fingers. ‘Doubt Everyone But Me’ is a good example of my jazz playing.”

Here’s a live example of her playing, and if you like what you see, pick up her new concert DVD, An Evening at Trasimeno Lake. Filmed during the Ana Popovic Band’s Blind for Love tour, the two-hour concert showcases an energetic performance offering blues, rock, jazz and funk, as well as an intimate interview and a couple of acoustic bonus tracks shot at Umbria’s Rocca Medievale, a medieval castle originally completed in 1247.

The blueswoman will also be featured in an upcoming Kevin Bacon hosted guitar documentary Turn It Up!, where she explains her love for the instrument by saying, “A guitar is the way our souls speak.” Watch the trailer here.


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