All-Star Ensemble Jams with ‘Ian Rubbish’ on Saturday Night Live

(L to R) Carrie Brownstein, J Mascis and Kim Gordon jam on stage.

Last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live was historic, and not just because it was host Ben Affleck’s fifth time with monologue duties.

It’s been known for a while that it was going to be beloved cast member Bill Hader’s last show, and rumors persist that Fred Armison is moving on, as well.

So it was amazing to see them in a sketch where Armison assumed the identity of British punker Ian Rubbish, a character he premiered over a month ago, with Hader holding down the bass.

Jason Sudekis and Taran Killam joined Hader and Armison to complete the Bizarros, and the quartet began playing a happy number called “It’s a Lovely Day” before several indie rock heavy-hitters  like Carrie Brownstein, J Mascis, Kim Gordon, Steve Jones, Aimee Mann and Michael Pen added to the performance.

Check out the performance below.

Bill Hader holds down the bass line.



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