All-American Rejects Play Taylor Swift For Awards Show

The All-American Rejects might be all-star pop-punkers, but they showed they can handle pop-country this week on CMT’s Artists of the Year awards ceremony.

The guys offered their take of Taylor Swift’s 2011 smash hit “Mean” before launching into their own hit “Gives You Hell.”

Swift was into the performance, too, as she sang along with all the words – both to her song and the Rejects’.

Watch singer and bassist Tyson Ritter and the All-American Rejects’ performance below:

Swift wasn’t the only musician honored at the CMT event, as the achievements of country superstars Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum and Brad Paisley were also recognized.

Paisley actually took the stage with prolific guitarist Joe Walsh and actor William Shatner to perform Walsh’s hit “Life’s Been Good” and his own “Camouflage.”

The video of this mash-up is below:

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