Albert Cummings Answers 15 Questions for Guitar World

Guitarist Albert Cummings is a heavy hitter among the blues community.

The Massachusetts-born axeman released No Regrets in late August, and his sixth album has remained high on the iTunes U.S. blues chart since then.

Cummings recently was hit up by Guitar World to answer 15 questions about his career, the new album and his guitars.

“All of my electric guitars have names,” he said.  ”My primary guitar is ‘CC,’ named after my wife. It’s the cheapest Strat I ever bought, but it’s the one I’ve spent the most money on. A few years back I wore out the truss rod in the neck. The Fender Custom shop made a new neck loaded with bird’s eye maple for it and I love it! Fender also made me a guitar to match my primary. I call that one ‘Fessler,’ after Greg Fessler, who built it. That’s my No. 2 guitar.”

In addition, Cummings noted that he keeps a simple setup when recording.

“A good Fender guitar plugged into a good Fender amp,” he said.  ”I love the Fender Vibro King amp, but it’s a little too raw. I put a Vibrolux with it and keep both amps at the same volume. The Vibrolux doesn’t have the guts the Vibro King does, but it does have a sweeter sound, so the two complement each other perfectly.”

Read the full interview here, and visit Cummings’ official website for more information. And for a taste of Cummings’ chops, check out a performance of “Lonely Bed” from Don Odell’s Legends studios in New England below.


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