After Midnight Project Review the Squier® Mini Player

The Squier® Mini Player might be a pint-sized guitar, but it comes with all the fixings––a built-in amplifier, speaker and distortion. You can also boost the volume by plugging the Mini into your favorite amp, or keep the noise to yourself with a pair of headphones.

It is the perfect traveling guitar, but as guitarists Christian Meadows and Spencer Bastian of After Midnight Project point out, the Mini packs a whole lot more.

“It doesn’t feel like a travel guitar; like a practice guitar,” Bastian says in the video you’re about to watch below. “It just feels like a Fender® guitar. The humbucker sounds great. The gain is easily adjustable. You get decent clean tones out of it, too. Overall, these things are awesome—you can’t go wrong with them.”

Find out what else they had to say about the Mini in this video, shot during their early-July stay in Pittsburgh, Pa. for the Warped Tour.



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