A Note on Hearing Loss


The most important piece of gear in your arsenal.

Today we would like to briefly address you directly on a most important subject: hearing loss.

Tech Talk isn’t here to tell you what to do, nor does it claim to be some kind of expert in audiology. But the simple fact is that guitars and basses run through amplifiers often get pretty loud, and we only wish to remind you that a healthy sense of hearing is precious and worth caring for. Hearing loss is a serious problem that affects millions of people of all ages worldwide.

We want you to keep hearing and making music—that’s what we’re here for. After all, where would Fender be if you couldn’t experience its instruments and amps in all their sonic glory? So as much as you take care of that beloved Stratocaster, that great old Precision Bass, that cool Telecaster or that Super-Sonic amp, we hope you remember to take care of your hearing first and foremost.

Toward that end—caring for your hearing—there is a bewildering overabundance of information available. Just do an online search containing the words “musician,” “hearing” and “loss,” and you will be inundated by an oceanic tide of results; opinions, suggestions, statistics and claims from countless sources, some of whom are medical professionals and many of whom are not. You’ll find endless suggestions about earplugs and other means of hearing protection; about what to do and what not to do; what to use and what not to use. You’ll find volumes of information on sound pressure levels, thresholds and other highly technical concepts. Too much info.

While the Internet may prove educational to some extent, it doesn’t make you a medical expert; discerning what’s reliable and applicable and what isn’t amid the staggeringly vast amount of online information can be questionable at best and outright dangerous at worst. Best then for all us non-experts to continue to entrust medical care to medical professionals. That includes the care of your sense of hearing.

We therefore offer only one commonsense suggestion: Be good to your ears and check regularly with your doctor about preserving and protecting your own sense of hearing. There’s so much great music out there—including that which you make yourself—and we want you to fully experience every note of it for a long time to come.

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