60th Anniversary Tele Notes & Trivia: 1971

Keith Richards acquires what will become one of his favorite guitars in 1971, a butterscotch 1953 Telecaster that he nicknames after what sympathetic character in Dickens’ David Copperfield?

Updated with answer: Wilkins Micawber (Richards calls the guitar “Micawber”)


PBS airs hour-long documentary The Best Unknown Guitarist in the World, which is about a Washington, D.C., guitarist in a band called the Snakestretchers. It earns him a record deal with Polydor and, reportedly, an invitation to join the Rolling Stones (which, reportedly, he declines). His eccentric, distinctively virtuosic and highly influential solo career lasts until his untimely passing in 1988 at age 48, and his main guitar for the duration is a 1953 Telecaster nicknamed “Nancy.” Who is he?

Roy Buchanan


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