60th Anniversary Tele Notes & Trivia: 1964

The Yardbirds appear on U.K. network Granada Television’s Go Tell it on the Mountain in July of this year, performing “Louise” and “I Wish You Would.” The group’s 19-year-old guitarist, who had replaced original Yardbirds guitarist Anthony “Top” Topham only several months earlier in October 1963, tears up both songs on a red Telecaster. He would leave the Yardbirds in March 1965 and would ascend to the heights of rock superstardom with other acts later in the decade and as a solo artist from the 1970s onward. Who was he?

Updated with Answer: Eric Clapton

Yardbirds play “Louise” on Granada Television’s Go Tell it on the Mountain, July 1964:

Click here to watch Yardbirds play “I Wish You Would” on Granada Television’s Go Tell it on the Mountain.


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