60th Anniversary P Bass Notes & Trivia: 1957

Post by Jeff Owens

The Precision Bass received its second substantial redesign of the decade in 1957, with a new split-coil pickup, one-piece gold anodized pickguard, bridge-mounted strings, individual threaded bridge saddles, and a headstock design borrowed from what other Fender instrument?

Update: The Stratocaster

Keeping with the theme of 1950s cinematic appearances of the Precision bass, don’t be fooled by the upright bass in this clip below. As performed here by Elvis Presley, “(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care” is a swinging little 1957 number by legendary songwriting pair Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller that presents something truly interesting—perhaps the only recording of the decade that features the pure original sound of the Precision Bass heard all by itself on the track (in the intro and again at the end). From what famous 1957 Presley film is this Precision-heavy clip taken?

ANSWER:  Jailhouse Rock


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