60 Years of the Tele Notes & Trivia: 1952

Although Pete Townshend has exclusively used his Eric Clapton Stratocaster model onstage with the Who since 1989, he’s also been associated with a pair of vintage 1952 Fender Telecasters.

For instance, Townshend used his ’52 during his video for “Rough Boys” off solo album Empty Glass.

In Guitar Player’s August 1996 issue, he had this to say about his ’52:

“I’m standing up there at the shows that I’m doing, and I’m carrying this ’52 Telecaster. It’s a California guitar. It’s a masterpiece. Thank God for America. Thank God for Leo, it’s a beautiful guitar. I play it like a chainsaw, and it’s still beautiful. This is a perfectly good guitar. Somebody said to me the other night, “Smash it.” I never would. You have to realize that most of the guitars I’ve smashed have not been perfectly good guitars — they’ve been junk, really.”


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