2012 Fender Showcase At NAMM: Day 2

If Thursday was any indication that the 2012 Fender Showcase at NAMM was going to be a big-time affair, Friday topped that in spades.

The Fender event was teeming with artists, industry insiders and fans interacting with instruments and each other all day long.

Here’s a snapshot of the highlights of Day 2:

-       Arizona bluesman Chuck Hall kicked things off for the second-consecutive day, offering a morning revival to the proceedings.

-       Squier signature artist Ehsaan Noorani, who was named Entertainer of the Year (Music) by India’s prestigious NDTV with his group Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy in 2011, chatted with fans around the Squier display.

-       Fender signature artist Jim Root of Slipknot and Stone Sour made an appearance just one week after his new Squier signature model was officially released.

-       Los Angeles-based indie rockers Uh Huh Her offered a 15-minute set that was hypnotizing with it’s dreamy synthesizers and fuzzy guitars.  The duo of Leisha Hailey and Camile Grey – alongside current drummer Josh Kane – also went through the car wash of photoshoots and side interviews.

-       Neon Trees bassist Branden Campbell and Whitechapel bassist Gabe Crisp teamed up on a set of Fender Bassman amps to see what kind of thump they could get out of them.

-       Musician Rome Ramirez – both solo and as singer of Sublime – popped in twice, once briefly when the floor was super crowded and again when it cleared up to check out some Stratocasters, his typical weapon of choice.

-       Rancid’s Tim Armstrong – who boasts a signature Fender Hellcat acoustic guitar – chatted with Fender employees and examined some Gretsch models.

-      For the second straight day, country rocker Hayley brought enthusiasm to the Fender stage with 15-minute set.

-       Hayley set the stage for another young and accomplished musician, 20-year-old Australian Joe Robinson.  Robinson, whose most-recent album, Let Me Introduce You, dropped Friday, shredded a Stratocaster while playing his fusion of jazz, rock and funk.

-       Finally, metal legend Alice Cooper’s autograph session drew a line that went out the door on the third level of the Anaheim Convention Center.  Cooper also drew tons of flashbulbs when Grammy-winning guitarist Duane Eddy came up behind him to introduce himself.

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