Woodstock’s Guitar Heroes

The dominant instrument at Woodstock was the guitar, both acoustic and electric. The festival gave birth to new guitar heroes (Johnny Winter, Carlos Santana), provided a stage for established heroes with new projects (Jimi Hendrix’s new band, Pete Townshend and “Tommy”) and caught several acts at their absolute pinnacle (Jefferson Airplane, Sly and the Family Stone). Here is a collection of snapshots of the guitar heroes who performed at Woodstock and where they were in their careers 40 years ago.

Woodstock: Cultural Legacy

Utopian ideals governed the three days of the Woodstock Arts and Music Festival in a manner the American public had never before witnessed.

Anthrax Anecdotes: What is a “Good Times” Night?

Fender signature bass player Frank Bello of Anthrax checks in with his latest summer diary entry. Find out what a “good times” night is and how Bello celebrated his birthday in this episode of Anthrax Anecdotes.

Iron Maiden’s Flight 666 Soars to the Top

Iron Maiden might be on official hiatus right now, but the English heavy metal band is still shredding the charts as Flight 666 has soared to the number-one spot on music DVD charts in 22 countries, including the United States and the U.K. …

Nashville’s AutoVaughn Wins Fender Road Worn Competition

Tennessee alt/indie rock quartet AutoVaughn scores a major road win as the victor in the Fender Road Worn Competition—the band will soon hit the road with $50,000 in prizes, including a customized Toyota truck and trailer loaded with Fender Road Worn instruments …

The Who’s Maximum R&B Live Deluxe Limited Edition Now Available

The Who’s 1994 Maximum R&B Live DVD served as a video timeline of the group’s career, with more than a dozen explosive performances spanning 30 years. Now, the April 2009 release of the Maximum R&B Live Deluxe Limited Edition brings the band’s “amazing journey” to life even more vividly. And loudly …

Fender University Spring Session

From March 4 to 9, ten eager students and a stellar “Fender faculty” gathered in Corona, Calif., for the second Fender University educational program. What ensued was an unforgettable week …