Hopper Writes How-To for Girls 

Jessica Hopper authored The Girls Guide to Rocking, a recently published how-to book that covers how to start a band, book gigs and get rolling to rock stardom.

The Adventures of AutoVaughn

Take a look at the debut blog for AutoVaughn, winners of our Road Worn competition. This entry is brought to you by AutoVaughn’s lead singer, Darren Edwards.

Leo Fender at 100

Monday, Aug. 10, 2009, marks the 100th birthday of Leo Fender (1909-1991). Here we present an essay on Fender’s founder and a legacy that, a century after his birth, is stronger than ever …

Woodstock & the Blues

Woodstock. Peace, love and … the blues? As much as Woodstock was the sound of the modern rock being heard on FM dials and in album form, it was also a sound heavily reliant on the blues. Acts that shaped Woodstock were creating a new form of expression rooted not in psychedelia, but in black American music from Mississippi, Chicago and Texas that was decades old.