Playing Band Tracks from Within Fender® FUSE™ (Mustang™ I-V Amplifiers and Fender® Bronco™ 40)

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Playing Band Tracks from within Fender® FUSE® (Mustang Series & Bronco 40)
In addition to its Preset creation and editing abilities, Fender FUSE 2.0 has the ability to playback MP3 and WAV files from directly within the application.  The Band button located on the Fender FUSE interface is used to select from among WAV or MP3 files for playback through your computer's speakers.  Any 16bit, 44.1kHz WAV file and any MP3 file can playback directly from within the application using your computer's soundcard as an audio output.  It is possible, however, to connect a 3.5mm cable from your soundcard's output to the aux input on the Mustang I-V and Bronco 40 amps.  This allows the audio from Fender FUSE to play through the amp's speaker or headphone output.