The Mustang

Short-scale student models have always had a special place in the Fender lineup, none more so than the Mustang. Introduced in the mid 1960s for beginners, it nonetheless found its way into pro hands many times as a small instrument with a big sound and an identity all its own. It's still a spirited and distinctive guitar today, available in several models offering everything from vintage-style authenticity to hot-rodded modern mojo.


Fender always made a special point of welcoming new players to the family by offering high-quality entry-level student instruments, such as 1956's Duo-Sonic and Musicmaster guitars. 1964's Mustang was the first tremolo-equipped student model, and it scored immediate success as the perfect "bridge" between Fender's entry-level and professional guitars. To this day the Mustang still offers great sound, classic looks, solid performance and eminent affordability.

Small Body, Short Scale

Even though plenty of pros love the Mustang, Fender's most successful student model still has beginner-friendly features, including a smaller comfortably offset body and short scale (24").

Distinctive Pickups

Traditional Mustang models have dual canted single-coil pickups with plastic covers. Modern pickup options offer even more tonal character.

Special Switching

Unlike any other Fender instrument, Mustang guitars have a three-position center-off slider for each pickup, creating eight different tone settings.

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