Using the Effect Combination Knobs in Fender® FUSE™ (Fender® Mustang™ I/II and Fender® Bronco™ 40 Amplifiers ONLY)

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How do I use the Effect Combination Knobs to add effects to my Preset (Fender® Mustang™ I/II and Bronco™ 40) ?

The Fender® Mustang™ I/II (V1 and V2) and Bronco™ 40 amps contain many different types of amp models and effects. The type of amp model and effects needed depend on the kind of sound you are trying to create. The Effects Knobs featured on the Mustang I & II and Bronco 40 amps make it easy to get the sound you're after. By offering preset effects combinations it is possible to get the desired sound more quickly than ever before.

There are two Effects Combo Knobs; (Mustang I & II) one knob for Modulation effects such as chorus and flange, and one knob for delay and reverb effects. (Bronco 40) one knob for Compression effects, and one knob for modulation, delay and reverb effects.  Different FX settings can be auditioned by turning the corresponding knob of that effect type. Effects settings can even be edited and saved to a slot on the Combo Knobs by clicking the Save Effects tab in the upper right corner of the interface. This could allow, for example, a favorite reverb setting to be used on any Preset.

Note: Clicking on the COMP knob with the Fender Bronco 40 amplifier connected to Fender FUSE will show the Advanced Amp window. This is normal, as the Compressor in the Advanced Amp tab will be adjusted with this Effects knob.