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The return of the
Starcaster® and

Fender’s venture into the hollow-body market has been reimagined for a whole new generation of adventurous players.

It began with the Coronado in 1966.

It continued with offset semi-hollow Starcaster 10 years later. When Fender dared to venture into the hollow-body market, the result was some of the company’s most rare and unusual instruments to date.

Elegant appointments, oversized headstocks and stylized f holes that challenged the Fender’s stronghold on the early ’70s solid-body market. Unique “wide-range” pickups that deviated from that recognizable Telecaster and Stratocaster tone. Throughout their short-lived existence, Coronado and Starcaster instruments became underground sensations and ironic musical weapons to players opting for a more unconventional Fender look, feel and tone.

2013 marks the pivotal comeback of Coronado and Starcaster guitars and basses, which Fender has revitalized for its versatile and affordable Modern Player series. With top-quality contemporary features, updated pickups and a vintage vibe that’s all their own, the Coronado and the Starcaster have been embraced by an entirely new contingent of players, from the stages of Lollapalooza to the grounds of Outside Lands.