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Common Alternate Tunings

There’s more than one way to tune a guitar, you know. The standard low-to-high EADGBE tuning has been commonplace for ages, but plenty of familiar songs take musically fascinating advantage of a variety of alternate tunings.

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Tuning "Up" Correctly

When tuning your strings, tune them up to pitch rather than down to pitch. Tuning up rather than down results in more stable intonation.

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Tuning Harmonically (Even the B String)

Absent an electronic tuner, you know how you can get your instrument to a point where it’s at least in tune with itself using the harmonics at the fifth and seventh frets?

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Ukulele Tuning

Quick question: How is a ukulele tuned?
Quick answer: GCEA.

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In Praise of Clip-On Tuners

Once in a great while, a technical innovation comes along that’s so simple and yet such an incredibly good idea that you wonder how humanity ever got along without it.

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