The Telecaster Bass

After a lengthy absence, the Telecaster Bass has made a welcome return in new and varied forms. Quite apart from the original models of the late 1960s and early 1970s (1951-style Precisions in all but name, basically), today's stylish and powerful Telecaster basses offer everything from a dual-humbucking take on the venerable 1972 model to entirely new Squier editions based on the actual Telecaster guitar body style.


The Telecaster Bass was introduced in 1968 as a largely straightforward reissue of the 1951-style Precision Bass, and redesigned in 1972 with a large humbucking pickup. Discontinued in 1979, Telecaster basses weren't seen again until 2007, when Squier introduced a 1972-style model, and 2011, when Fender introduced a re-designed version with dual humbucking pickups. Squier models introduced in 2012 were the first-ever Telecaster basses to feature a body design based on the Telecaster guitar.

Telecaster Headstock Shape

Whether traditional or modern, Telecaster basses feature the classic Telecaster headstock shape.


For pure and powerful tone, Telecaster basses still feature both single-coil and humbucking pickups.

Maple Neck and Fingerboard

Telecaster basses feature strong, smooth-playing maple necks and fingerboards.

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