For the past six incredible decades, Fender has helped provide the soundtrack of our lives and times, becoming an international cultural icon in the process. Indeed, when rock 'n' roll came along a decade after us, its wild new talents turned a feisty little Southern California company into a worldwide music phenomenon whose products both provided and defined the sound of the ages.

It is our vision to continue championing THE SPIRIT OF ROCK-N-ROLL® throughout the world, and our mission to exceed the expectations of music enthusiasts worldwide.

Fender's corporate headquarters is located in Scottsdale, Ariz., with manufacturing headquarters based in Corona, Calif.

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Benefits that are in tune with your lifestyle, family needs and financial obligations are very important. It takes careful planning; where choosing the right chords and hitting the right notes will orchestrate the perfect benefits package for you and your family. FMIC employee benefits can do just that-create a set list that's music to your ears.

Medical Plan

All full-time employees are eligible for medical and prescription drug coverage for themselves and their eligible dependents. FMIC offers multiple medical plan options depending on your location.

Dental Plan

All full-time employees are eligible for dental coverage for themselves and their eligible dependents. FMIC offers multiple dental plan options depending on your location.

Vision Plan

A vision insurance program is available for employees and their eligible dependents. The vision plan offers discounts on eye exams and hardware, including glasses and contacts.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Employees are eligible to participate in tax-saving health and dependent-care flexible spending account benefits.

Life Insurance

Provides important financial security that protects your family against a financial burden in the event of death.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Benefits are payable if you pass away, lose a limb or have a loss of speech, hearing or eyesight because of a covered accident on or off the job.

Short- and Long-Term Disability

If illness or injury prevents you from working, disability benefits can provide you with a portion of your weekly earnings.

Business Travel Accident Coverage

Financial protection and worldwide travel assistance available for business travel.

Legal Assistance

Whether you're buying a new home, drafting a will or just in need of legal advice, our legal assistance program can help.


One of the best ways to save for retirement.

Employee Assistance

Provides confidential and professional counseling and crisis intervention services to all employees.

Adoption Assistance

Offered to offset adoption costs.

Equipment Discount

Eligible employees are able to purchase a limited number of products at a discounted price.


Our vision is to champion THE SPIRIT OF ROCK-AND-ROLL® throughout the world. The Spirit is Individual Expression, Creativity, Passion, Energy and YOU!

Openly sharing information lets people perform at their best, and so we will create an open workplace characterized by honest, direct and relevant communication. We are committed to communicating with our employees about all relevant aspects of our business and of the Fender family.

Our culture encourages and celebrates individual expression and diversity. We appreciate the fact that there are as many possible approaches to business as there are musical styles, and so we encourage out-of-the-box thinking. At Fender you don't have to check your unique personality at the door.

We expect individual commitment and performance to exceed the standard for our industry. Only then will we meet the objectives, needs and aspirations of our company and our employees. Each employee can and must make a difference. Ultimately, Fender's people determine its character and strength.

We recognize each person's contribution to Fender's success by sharing the financial rewards that result from high performance. We recognize also that not all rewards are financial; therefore we strive for an atmosphere in which everybody feels recognized and appreciated, and can share the passion and excitement of working at Fender.

No one person can do the job alone, so teamwork is essential to Fender's success. Employees are encouraged to interact at all levels of the company, sharing ideas and suggestions to improve Fender's effectiveness and quality of life. It takes all of us to win. We support each other and share the victories and rewards together. We are passionate about what we do.

We offer superior products for our consumers and business partners that fill real needs and provide lasting value. We deal fairly with customers, consumers, vendors and competitors. We are genuinely committed to finding solutions for all of our customers by providing industry-leading service and support.

Ethical conduct and social responsibility characterize our way of doing business. Integrity includes a willingness to do the right thing for our employees, brands, the company and society as a whole, even when personal, professional and social risks or economic pressures confront us. We will not compromise our ethics or integrity in the name of short-term gain. We are honest and trustworthy. We do what we say we are going to do.

We care about our work. We build Fender products with a level of quality, performance and value that earns the respect and loyalty of our customers.

We continue to build our company on innovation; providing products that are new and needed. We accept the risks inherent in following our vision and we work to develop products and business processes that allow Fender to achieve its objectives.

We make the world a better place with legendary products that help people express their emotions, connect with music and bring joy to their daily lives. We bring passion, enthusiasm and energy to every aspect of our work.

Leaders at Fender are entrusted with our most valuable asset - our people. Leaders are responsible to help attract and develop employees by providing clear goals, actionable feedback and an environment where Fender values flourish.


You are part of Fender history. It's simple—if you've picked up and played a Fender instrument anytime in the past 60 years, you are part of the soundtrack of the planet.

It's true. And it's no exaggeration to say that without Fender instruments and amps as we've long known them, and without the boundless creativity of players worldwide for well more than half a century, music simply wouldn't sound the way it does. Many are famous for having done so, but the sound of modern music is the sound of anyone who has ever eyed a Fender instrument and felt moved to pick it up and make sound with it.

So congratulations, because that means you. If you're one of literally millions who have picked up and played a Fender guitar or bass, you are part of Fender history.

Fender guitars set people free
You're in good company, by the way. In each decade since Fender's founding in 1946, people have taken the company's guitars, basses and amps and wrung their own identity from them, making indelible marks on music history and weaving Fender into the very fabric of popular culture. From '50s rock 'n' roll to '60s surf and psychedelia to '70s prog and punk to '80s new wave and alternative to '90s grunge and shoegaze and the punk-pop of today, Fender has always and easily made everyone right at home.

In fact, here's another take on Fender history, focused into a single paragraph:

Buddy Holly. Jimi Hendrix. Keith Richards. The Ventures. The Beach Boys. The Yardbirds. The Beatles. The Clash. Pink Floyd. Bruce Springsteen. Dee Dee Ramone. Eric Clapton. Television. Nile Rodgers. Talking Heads. Merle Haggard. Iron Maiden. The Smiths. Stevie Ray Vaughan. Elvis Costello. Rush. Buddy Guy. The Police. Dinosaur Jr. Kurt Cobain. Vince Gill. U2. Green Day. John Frusciante. Smashing Pumpkins. Brad Paisley. Tom Morello. My Bloody Valentine. Blink-182. Slipknot. Jimmy Eat World. Woodstock. Live Aid. Lollapalooza. Coachella.

And that's the short list.

Fender and rock 'n' roll are synonymous, period. Not bad for a company founded in sunny Southern California in 1946 by a guy who didn't even play guitar. It all started modestly enough?;and ten whole years before rock 'n' roll, at that?;but Fender gradually became a worldwide musical and cultural institution thanks to one of the most brilliantly fertile creative streaks in history and thanks to the brilliance and devotion of some of the sharpest minds and most passionate hearts in the musical instrument industry, then and now.

Founder Clarence "Leo" Fender (1909-1991) personally invented or at least oversaw development of the six instruments and stable of great amps on which Fender's worldwide empire still stands tall. Never mind that the Telecaster® (1950), Stratocaster® (1954), Precision Bass® (1951), Jazzmaster® (1958), Jazz Bass® (1960) and Jaguar® (1962) guitars were ingeniously designed with remarkably enduring elegance and simplicity; they just sounded great, played comfortably and looked cooler than cool.

They did more than that, though?;Fender guitars set people free; letting them unleash oceans of personal creativity and leading to sounds, recordings and performances that have helped define the music and culture of well more than half a century.

Leo Fender to Bill Schultz

Leo Fender sold the company bearing his name to CBS in 1965. Long story short, while plenty of fine instruments continued to be produced in the 1960s and well into the 1970s, quality steadily eroded under the not-too-watchful CBS eye to the point that, by the early 1980s, Fender was dangerously close to vanishing forever. We're talking really close to the brink. That's when Bill Schultz took over.

William Schultz (1926-2006) was the energetic, resourceful and charismatic president of Fender at the time. When CBS jettisoned all its non-broadcast holding in the mid-'80s, Schultz assembled a small group of investors to buy the ailing company. With few resources at their disposal, Schultz and the people who formed what was left of Fender slowly engineered the company's rebirth. Guitar by guitar and amp by amp, they created the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation as it exists today.

Fender history is just getting started
Today Fender is once again a world leader in electric guitars, basses and amps. The sound of Fender is the sound of modern music, but it's also much more than that, because throughout its long, loud and colorful history, Fender has become inextricably woven into the larger fabric of popular culture all over the world.

As it was at its founding and has been throughout each era in its history, Fender is for everybody. Fender instruments are more than just played. They are prized, revered, written about, coveted, copied, fussed, fawned, fantasized and fought over. People change their lives for them. People become who they want to be with them.

In short, Fender is for you. And because of that, history is just getting started...

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is an equal opportunity employer and considers qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, gender, age, color, religion, disability, veterans' status, sexual orientation, or any other protected factor