G-DEC® 30 Update Instructions

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How do I update the software/firmware on my G-DEC® 30?

System Requirements:
This program should run on any PC running Windows 2000 or later, although Fender cannot guarantee that this software will work with all hardware configurations. In order for the program to communicate with your G-DEC®30 you will also need a MIDI interface and the drivers for that device installed prior to running this application. For more help on connecting your G-DEC to a PC via MIDI please read the "Fender G-DEC MIDI Operations guide".

Update Procedure:
Once your G-DEC is connected to the PC, start the program by double clicking “GDEC30 Update 1_03_00_03.exe”. If this is your first time running the program, the “Step By Step” button will guide you through the process of updating to the newest GDEC ®30 software. Please note that this update will take approximately 3-6 minutes and during the update you should avoid toggling the power or disconnecting the MIDI cables.

Once the update is complete the amp will automatically reboot, and the G-DEC®30 updater will automatically quit. Upon startup the amp should now display v 1.03.00 in the bottom right corner, and just before the startup sequence completes, you should see “DMR 1.03” flash in the bottom left. User presets and loaded songs will not be changed during the update process.

Updates Made In Version

  • This update is required before you can load songs onto the G-DEC ®30