Introducing CD-60 and CD-140S VA Fender Folding Acoustic Guitars

Never leave home without a Fender in tow. Whether you’re flying across the country or heading across town, Fender Folding Acoustic Guitars will simplify your travel needs and retain that iconic sound you covet, no matter your destination. A welcome reaction to the difficulties that guitarists face on the road and in the air, our two new acoustic models sport a resonant dreadnought body style that packs as much punch on the go as it does on the world’s largest stages.

With their revolutionary Voyage-Air™ patented hinged necks, each guitar folds in half at the neck heel and fits comfortably into a specially designed gig bag. And with fine-quality mahogany backs and sides, resonant spruce tops, and sturdy mahogany necks, Fender Folding Acoustics have an uncompromised sonic presence that transcends borders.

Why Fender Folding Acoustics?

The Redefined
“Air Guitar”

Dreading the prospect of stashing your instrument in cargo? Thanks to the backpack-style design of the Fender CD-60 and CD-140S VA gig bags, these acoustic guitars will fit into any airliner overhead compartment, allowing you to carry light—and carry on.

Unrivaled Fender Quality—Anytime, Anywhere

With their attractive appointments, quality tone woods and meticulous standard “X” bracing construction, Fender Folding Acoustics perform like no other traveler guitar can.

Outstanding Affordability

Whether you’re looking for a durable laminate-top travel guitar or a solid spruce top that resonates, Fender Folding Acoustics are designed to fit the budget of any traveling musician.

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