Fender Accessories

No guitar is an island, to paraphrase a famous saying. That’s why there’s an entire world of great Fender accessories that accompany Fender instruments and amps while they accompany you. From strings to straps, cables to cases, picks to polish and much more, Fender’s vast selection of accessories complement and complete your Fender playing experience. Everything you need to go along with your Fender instrument and amp is just a click away...

Tech Talk

What is a Capo?

One of the more common acoustic and electric guitar accessories, along with tuners, string winders, humidifiers, etc., is the capo...
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Fingerboard Hydration

It’s a well-known fact that dehydration is as bad for the unfinished fingerboard of your guitar as it is for you. The way to prevent frets from drying out is to periodically oil them...
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