Pure Vintage Amplifiers

Pure Vintage

The classic, time-tested cornerstones of the Fender legacy.

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Professional Amplifiers


High-performance, pro-tube powerhouses with enhanced features for dominating the world’s largest stages.

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Modern Original Amplifiers

Modern Originals

For the Fender enthusiast who welcomes the occasional curveball.

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Contemporary Amplifiers


Intuitive technology, utilitarian features and digital-age connectivity for the modern player.

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Acoustic Amps


Uncompromised clarity and portability for the acoustic-electric guitarist.

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Pure Vintage Amplifiers
With features and electronics faithfully recreated to reflect the quality and meticulous craftsmanship of Fender’s flagship products, the amplifiers that once marked our foundation can now become the foundation of your sound.
Guthrie Trapp Demos the '57 Bandmaster (Dirty)
Guthrie Trapp Demos the Fender '57 Bandmaster (Clean)
Fender '57 Bandmaster Demo
Guthrie Trapp Demos the Fender Vibro-King
Band of Skulls' Russell Marsden on the Fender Vibro King
Pete Townshend
If there were a Mount Rushmore of rock ‘n’ roll guitar, Pete Townshend’s face would be on it... More...
Tyler Bryant
Bryant’s impressive resume reads as if he’s been in the business for decades… More...
Flogging Molly
Nothing has mattered more to Flogging Molly than their new record, Speed of Darkness… More...
Buddy Guy
Buddy Guy is perhaps the greatest living exponent of classic Chicago electric blues… More...
Dead Confederate
There's a new breed of dark, raw, mind-blowing psych-rock crawling from the South, and its name is Dead Confederate… More...
The fact that “Hey, Soul Sister” (the first single from )was the #1 most downloaded song of 2010, got us another Grammy… More...
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Professional Amplifiers

Broadened overdrive capability, seamless channel-switching features and more—the Professional amp family exemplifies Fender’s vested interest in the demands of touring pros. These all-tube workhorses are the essential tonal toolbox for any stage, with rugged, durable chassis that always withstand the rigors of the road.

With their optimal sound-shaping abilities, Professional amps are ideal for showcasing your powerhouse chops or honing your skills. Available in various combo and head-cabinet models, there’s no better family of Fender products to lay the foundation for and grow your trademark tone—no matter how big the venue may be.

Graham Whitford Demos EC Series Twinolux
Tyler Bryant Demos EC Series Twinolux
Graham Whitford Demos EC Series Tremolux
Tyler Bryant Demos EC Series Tremolux
Graham Whitford Demos EC Series Vibro-Champ
Tyler Bryant Demos EC Series Vibro-Champ
George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe
Fender; Super-Sonic; 22: Slide Scorch with Closet Classic Tele
Fender Super-Sonic 22: Dirty Tele; Delay
Super-Sonic 22: Rhythmic Delay with Tele
Super-Sonic 22: Rockin' Redneck Tele
Super-Sonic 22: Funky Blues with Stratocaster
Super-Sonic 22: Sexy Clean-toned Stratocaster
Super-Sonic 22: Ambient Gretsch
Super-Sonic 22: Dirty Gretsch
Super-Sonic 22: Big Rock with Jackson 7-String
Super-Sonic 22 Charvel Fusion-style
Pro Junior III, 212 Cab, & Strat: Rockin' Blues
Hot Rod DeVille 212 III & Jazzmaster: Juicy Dinosaur
Pro Junior III & Strat: Spacious Stereo Shuffle
Hot Rod DeVille 410 III & Tele: Funky Wah
Pro Junior III & Strat: Rootsy Twang In Stereo
Hot Rod DeVille 212 III & Jazzmaster: Cascading Delay
Hot Rod DeVille 212 III & Charvel: Tight, Fat Bite
Hot Rod DeVille 410 III & Bluesbird: Moody Rock
Hot Rod Deluxe III & Tele: Real Country Delay & Extension Cab
Hot Rod Deluxe III & Gretsch: Expressive
Hot Rod Deluxe III & Charvel: Drop D & Whammy
Blues Junior III & HSS Strat: Girth
Blues Junior III & Strat: Late Night Blues
Blues Junior III & Jaguar: Josh From The Summer Set
Eric Clapton
His story spans five decades and includes legendary 1960s stints with the Yardbirds, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers… More...
Broken Social Scene
Canada’s acclaimed Broken Social Scene has numbered from six to nearly 20 mostly Toronto-area musicians… More...
Mike Zito
Zito’s journey took off in earnest at the age of 19, when he began making a name for himself as a unique new voice… More...
John 5
John 5 is hands-down one of the best modern shredders working today, but to label him merely as a shredder… More...
Electric Touch
With members hailing from both sides of the Atlantic this exciting 5-piece delivers a unique… More...
Jeff Beck
He burst onto the British Invasion scene in the mid-’60s, coaxing incredible, often otherworldly sounds… More...
The Strokes
Just as The Strokes’ 2001 debut Is This It had a cultural impact greater than virtually any album of the previous decade… More...
The Airborne Toxic Event
“When I write a song,” says Mikel Jollett, co-founder and creative driver of the Californian five-piece… More...
The band, were joined by shows by Jon Sadoff on keyboards/guitar/vocals, Jeremy Faccone on guitar/vocals, and Jason Hiller… More...
Foster the People
Indie rock trio Foster the People make atmospheric, psychedelic, and dance-oriented pop… More...
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Modern Original Amplifiers
Even Fender likes to throw away the rulebook. With their unique circuitry, eccentric cosmetics and undeniable character, Modern Original amplifiers are constructed with the tonal explorer in mind. By breaking away from traditional features and tapping into imagination, Modern Originals redefine what a “Fender amplifier” can be.
Fender Pawn Shop Special Excelsior™
Fender® Pawn Shop Special Greta™ Demo
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Still barely in his 30s, the Louisiana born axeman and songsmith has been selling… More...
A Rocket To The Moon
Looking back now, it’s difficult to believe that A Rocket To Moon all… More...
John Spiker / Tenacious D
Columbus, Ohio native and longtime member of Tenacious D, John Spiker moved to LA and got his start… More...
Young the Giant
Formerly known as the Jakes, Young the Giant began making eclectic indie rock in Irvine, CA, where bandmates… More...
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Contemporary Amplifiers
Tap into an exponential menu of custom sounds and modern features with Fender’s Contemporary family of amps. Whether you’re dabbling in the studio, utilizing your pedal board or finding your voice, these responsive, 21st century “smart amps” unlock a vast tonal palette at an outstanding value.
Fender Mustang Amps V.2 Demo
Fender Mustang Mini Demo
Fender Mustang Floor Demo
Fender Super Champ X2 Documentary-Style Demo
RADAID es un proyecto de música fusión originario de Guadalajara, México… More...
A Rocket To The Moon
Looking back now, it’s difficult to believe that A Rocket To Moon all… More...
Bloc Party
In August 2008, Bloc Party were midway through a run of summer festival appearances: a defiant performance… More...
The Maine
Hailing from Tempe, Arizona, The Maine throw their hearts and souls into making genuinely good music, no matter… More...
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Acoustic Amplifiers
Voiced and crafted specifically for intimate, small-venue applications, these compact yet powerful series of acoustic amps deliver the same vibrancy and unobstructed tone as their electric counterparts.
Fender Acoustasonic 15 Demo
Fender Acoustasonic Amp Demo
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