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Enter A New Dimension

Dimension basses now take their place among Fender’s greatest bass designs as the modern pinnacle of pro-level bass style, power, performance and personality.

The company that invented electric bass now brings you an elegantly original body style with all-new pickups, electronics and other fine features that let you sculpt and personalize your tone as no Fender bass ever has before. It is a level of bass artistry unparalleled in Fender history, and it is the future of your Fender bass experience. In every way, it’s an entirely new Dimension in Fender bass.

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All-new body style

An all-new original Fender body style with an elegant high-end look and remarkable comfort and balance.

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All-new pickup design

All-new pickups and versatile onboard electronics let you sculpt your Dimension tone into a personalized bass identity all your own.

Hi-Mass bridge

Hi-Mass bridges for peerless rock-solid sustain and intonation stability.

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Compound-radius fingerboards

Compound-radius fingerboards on American Deluxe series Dimension basses for distinctively fast and comfortable playability along the entire length of the neck.

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Three-band EQ

Three-band boost/cut EQ on American Deluxe and Deluxe series Dimension basses delivers dynamic tonal versatility with any degree of muscle and finesse.

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Pickup selector switch

Five-way pickup switching on dual-pickup American Deluxe series Dimension basses delivers even greater tonal power, nuance and versatility.

American Deluxe Dimension™ Bass IV & V

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American Deluxe Dimension™ Bass IV & V HH

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Deluxe Dimension™ Bass IV & V

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Modern Player Dimension™ Bass IV

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