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    Custom Shop Artisan Series

    The Artisan series is built to spotlight fine woods with distinctive figures and hand-rubbed oil finishes. Artisan series instruments are also outfitted with a wealth of special appointments and features that contribute to their striking sound and style.

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  • Artists
    Custom Shop Artists Series

    The world’s greatest artists have come to the Fender Custom Shop for decades in search of their perfect instruments. A wonderful result of this is that we can consequently offer the same artist instruments to you, built in the same shop by the same skilled craftsmen.

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  • Custom Deluxe
    Custom Shop Custom Deluxe Series

    A traditional hallmark of the Fender Custom Shop is the fine and highly creative use of distinctive woods, hardware, inlay materials, electronics, and much more. Custom Deluxe models are the canvases for such instrumental artistry—the kind of beautifully crafted high-end instruments that have long earned great acclaim for the Custom Shop.

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  • Dealer Select
    Custom Shop Dealer Select Series

    The name “Custom Shop Showcase Dealer” is not handed out lightly. Or often. This name signifies dealers who have earned the title, and many of them are delighted to offer special Custom Shop models created specifically for them. These outstandingly crafted Dealer Select instruments are truly remarkable in tone, feel and performance, and they are available only from a select few Custom Shop Showcase Dealers.

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  • Limited Edition
    Custom Shop Limited Edition Series

    Each Custom Shop Limited Edition instrument is only available for a short time, which makes it eminently collectible and adds to its investment value. Crafted with many features reserved only for certain artists and master built instruments, they are just what the name says they are: highly anticipated limited-edition models that go very quickly.

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    Custom Shop Master Design

    The Master Design instrument encompasses the personalized design and favorite specs and features of a single Custom Shop master builder. The result is a highly distinctive instrument that is then built for a limited time by the entire Custom Shop team.

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  • Proto Collection
    Custom Shop Proto Collection

    Proto Collection instruments offer a valuable “testing ground” for the many new (and old, as the case may be) features developed at the Fender Custom Shop day in and day out. Many Proto Collection features are only found elsewhere on one-off master-built instruments, and whether it’s a new bridge, a new combination of woods, specially designed pickups and electronics or anything else, it often finds its way onto a Proto Series instrument before it’s offered anywhere else.

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  • Time Machine
    Custom Shop Time Machine Series

    Our shrine to the heritage and legacy of those pioneers who made us what we are today. The Fender Custom Shop reached new heights of craftsmanship with its acclaimed Time Machine series—artfully “relic-ed” guitars and basses that revolutionized the entire concept of “reissue” instruments. The Custom Shop has since ventured even higher by crafting meticulous replicas using the same techniques and tooling used to create the originals all those years ago.

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