The Precision Bass

There is no more pure and powerful an electric bass than the one that started it all, the Precision. Fender's first bass guitar was the world's first bass guitar, and the Precision Bass has spent well more than half a century at the very heart of music of all kinds everywhere. Elegantly simple and enormously powerful, the Precision Bass is the worldwide standard for bass tone, performance, reliability and overall excellence.


When it debuted in late 1951, the Precision Bass guitar was not merely a new instrument; it was a new kind of instrument. And to say that it revolutionized music is an understatement; with its two-horned solid body, fretted neck and loud, booming sound, the Precision Bass profoundly revolutionized music. It has reigned ever since as a must-have instrument and the first name in electric bass.

Classic Body Style

Balanced and comfortably contoured, the Precision Bass was Fender's first two-horned instrument. Its familiar form has remained largely unchanged for more than half a century.

Neck and Fingerboard

There's nothing like the big, sturdy neck of a Precision Bass and its smoothly playable fingerboard, in maple or rosewood.

Split Single-Coil Pickup

One split-single-coil pickup placed in just the right spot is the heart of the formidable Precision Bass tone. Other pickup types and configurations impart even more tonal power and character.

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