Fender Studio Sessions
Grouplove Recorded at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, CA

Grouplove might just own the best “how did your band get together story” ever. And for those who haven’t heard it, allow us to recap.

Singer Hannah Hooper, who wasn’t a singer at the time but a starving artist who barely left her art studio in Chinatown, was dragged out one night to Manhattan’s Lower East Side to see some band play.

Said band featured Christian Zucconi, a talented-yet-struggling musician who scraped rent together by gigs with his band, bartending and driving a commercial production truck.

As destiny would have it, the two met out on the street later that night.

“She just really fell in love with the music I was playing and then we fell in love with each other,” shared Zucconi.

Meanwhile, guitarist Andrew Wessen’s older brother, Matt, had also just met Hooper on a park bench earlier that week. He proceeded to visit her studio and upon seeing her paintings, invited her to the Greek Island of Crete for the upcoming summer (2008) to take part in an experimental artist commune he was spearheading.

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