Storing edited Presets created in Fender® FUSE™

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I've just created a new Preset in Fender FUSE. How can I save it to my amplifier?

There are two ways you can store the Presets you create in the Fender FUSE amplifier software application:

  1. In Fender FUSE, click the Save button located on the Preset Control Panel. A dialog box will be displayed. From there you can create a name for the Preset to be saved and select the Preset Number (00-99) that the Preset will be saved to on the amplifier.
  2. After a Preset is created in Fender FUSE, you can also save it to the amplifier by pressing the Save button on the Fender G-DEC 3. Then, a menu will appear allowing you to select a Preset Number (00-99) that the Preset will be saved to, as well as the ability create a name for the new Preset.

    When naming the Preset, the outer soft keys below the screen are used to move the cursor, while the inner soft keys are used to select capital or lowercase letters and numbers, and spacing.