Replacing Damaged Fender® Necks or Bodies Not Offered Online

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I cannot find the appropriate replacement neck or body for my instrument for sale on the Fender website, how can I get a replacement that will fit my instrument?

Unfortunately, the replacement necks and bodies for sale directly from our website may not fit every Fender instrument.

In instances where we are not able to offer the replacement directly, Fender may authorize an accommodation sale of a guitar neck or body through one of our Fender Authorized Service Centers, but only as a direct replacement for a neck or body which is either defective or damaged beyond repair. An authorization for a replacement part purchase will not be made for any other reason.

To see if your instrument qualifies under Fender's criteria for neck and body replacement, you will need to bring your guitar or bass to an Fender Authorized Service Center for an evaluation by an authorized technician along with a series of photographs showing:

  1. The entire front of the instrument.
  2. The entire back of the instrument.
  3. A close-up photograph of the headstock.
  4. A close-up photograph or a lead pencil rubbing of the neckplate showing either serial number or other Fender markings.

An authorized technician would determine a verification of the authenticity of the instrument as well as the need for either a replacement neck or body at that time. The Fender Authorized Service Center would then send the photographs and appropriate documentation to our technical support staff here at Fender for consideration of the request.

If approved by Fender, an authorization for the sale of a new neck or body would be made, and the service center would place an order for the replacement part at that time. The new neck or body most closely matching the specific parts ordered would then be released and invoiced to the service center. (Please understand that exact replacements may no longer be available depending on the age and model of your instrument. A substitution may be required). You would then arrange between yourself and the service center the necessary repairs needed to complete your instrument.

All costs involved, including the cost of the replacement part, shipping, insurance and repairs are the responsibility of the customer.