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Fender is proud to partner with Rock Prodigy, whose combination of technology and educational methods represent a real breakthrough for beginning guitarists and anyone who’s ever wanted to learn to play guitar.

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Fender is focused on bringing leading edge innovation to players worldwide and our partnership with Rock Prodigy is a clear example of that mission.

Learning guitar has never been easier and faster. Rock Prodigy® transforms your Windows PC, Mac, or iPad into the ultimate personal trainer for guitar - that works on your schedule.

Rock Prodigy is simple to use and follow. Rock Prodigy students hear their progress faster than they ever imagined. By hearing and seeing what you're supposed to sound like while you are learning, you will be playing faster and easier than with any other method.

Rock Prodigy offers you a personalized, guided experience that’s both efficient and effective. Rock Prodigy works well either as a do-it-yourself solution or as the most-effective practice companion for private lessons. If you are taking lessons, Rock Prodigy is the perfect practice assistant. You’ll wow your instructor with the progress you make in-between lessons.

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  • Online Guitar Tuner

    Before you start playing, make sure you're in tune with this easy-to-use feature. Choose from several different preset tunings or build your own to find just the right sound.