Pure Vintage Amplifiers

Pure Vintage

The classic, time-tested cornerstones of the Fender legacy.

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Professional Amplifiers


High-performance, pro-tube powerhouses with enhanced features for dominating the world’s largest stages.

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Modern Original Amplifiers

Modern Originals

For the Fender enthusiast who welcomes the occasional curveball.

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Contemporary Amplifiers


Intuitive technology, utilitarian features and digital-age connectivity for the modern player.

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Acoustic Amps


Uncompromised clarity and portability for the acoustic-electric guitarist.

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Pure Vintage Amplifiers
With features and electronics faithfully recreated to reflect the quality and meticulous craftsmanship of Fender’s flagship products, the amplifiers that once marked our foundation can now become the foundation of your sound.
Guthrie Trapp Demos the '57 Bandmaster (Dirty)
Guthrie Trapp Demos the Fender '57 Bandmaster (Clean)
Fender '57 Bandmaster Demo
Guthrie Trapp Demos the Fender Vibro-King
Band of Skulls' Russell Marsden on the Fender Vibro King
Pete Townshend
If there were a Mount Rushmore of rock ‘n’ roll guitar, Pete Townshend’s face would be on it... More...