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Fender Magazine

Volume 2

The sophomore edition of our handsome 92-page publication features all of the great Fender history and gear information you loved from Vol. 1.

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What's Inside

Experiencing Hendrix

In honor of the release of People, Hell and Angels, a collection of blues-soaked Jimi Hendrix studio sessions, venerable guitarists such as Jeff Beck and Joe Satriani remember the profound influence and supernatural ability of the world’s greatest Stratocaster player.

Tales from the Shop

Fender Custom Shop Master Builders talk about what it takes to earn their coveted titles and the stories behind some of their most fascinating custom axes.

The Year of the Amplifier

New for 2013: the updated Fender Mustang, George Benson’s signature amp and resurrection of the ’57 Bandmaster..

Foo's Gold

Guitarist Chris Shiflett and bassist Nate Mendel are putting their celebrated Foo Fighters tone in the hands of Fender enthusiasts everywhere with two faithfully recreated signature axes.


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Robert “Bob” Perine created the quintessential of Fender image rich musical southern California landscape that musicians aspire to be part of to this day. His advertising work for Fender from 1957 to 1969 is revered as a peerless body of musical instrument marketing. His "You Won’t Part With Yours Either*" campaign from the 1960s featured people carrying Fender guitars and amps in a host of settings ranging from the unlikely to the outrageous—while surfing, scuba diving, skydiving, skiing and other youthfully adventurous situations.

Now it’s your turn star in your very own "You Won't Part With Yours Either" ad. Submit a photo interpreting Perine’s classic campaign for your chance to win a Fender guitar or bass of your choice and be featured on Fender.com!


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