Redeeming Licenses for Third Party software for your Fender® FUSE™-compatible amp

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Redeeming your Licenses for Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Edition and IK Multimedia AmpiTube Fender LE/SE software. Please see the list below to determine what software is included with your amplifier.

Fender® G-DEC® 3: Ableton Live Lite & AmpliTube LE (Serial numbers included in product packaging)
Fender Mustang™ I-V: Ableton Live Lite & AmpliTube LE
Fender Mustang I-V (V.2): Ableton Live Lite & AmpliTube SE
Fender Mustang Floor: Ableton Live & AmpliTube SE
Fender Mustang Mini:  AmpliTube LE
Fender Bronco™:  Ableton Live & AmpliTube SE
Fender Passport® mini: No Third Party software available
Fender Super Champ™ X2: No Third Party software available

Fender FUSE-compatible amps that include Third Party software will have redeemable software serial numbers for those software applications and will need to be authorized. Fender FUSE is included free of charge with all Fender FUSE-compatible amps and does not need to be authorized. To obtain Third Party software serial numbers for these software apps, please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Note: A Fender Bronco 40 is used as an example here. You will see the same graphics with your amp model listed instead. Please be sure to read through the steps listed below the screen captures for further details on obtaining and authorizing the Third Party software.

Note: The Fender G-DEC® 3 amplifiers include Thrid Party software serial number cards in the package and are not redeemable via the Fender FUSE Community account profile page.

To obtain serial numbers:

1. Go to, sign in to your Fender FUSE Community account and click "Edit Profile".
(If you do not have a Fender FUSE Community account, click "Register" in the upper right hand corner to register for an account.)

2. Click the "My Amplifiers" tab and scroll down to the "Add an Amplifier" section.

3. Fill out the appropriate information and be sure to select the model of amplifier you purchased. Enter your amplifier's serial number (located on the rear panel) when prompted.

4. After you have completed registration you should notice a green REDEEM NOW button located under your amplifier model and amp serial number. Click the REDEEM NOW button to redeem your third party software serial numbers.

Bronco 40 initial redeem FUSE Comm Profile

5. After you click the REDEEM NOW button, your serial numbers will appear.
   Click on "How to register" for further instructions on registering each application. 

Bronco redeem with serials FUSE Comm

Ableton Live download page (You will need to create an account to access the download area):

To access Ableton Live Lite Fender Edition software, follow the steps below.

1.    Go to and click on “Log in or Register”.
2.    If you don’t have an Ableton account, please fill in the information in the "New Customer?" section.
3.    Fill out the necessary information and click “Create Account”
4.    Log in to your Ableton account and from the pull down list, select "Add a serial". 
5.    Enter your Ableton Live Lite 9 Fender Edition serial number and click on "Register Serial".
6.    You should now be able to download Ableton Live (Mac or Windows) from your Ableton User Account.

 Once you have downloaded and installed Ableton Live, launch the application and you will be prompted to Authorize. Follow the on-screen pormpts to authorize Live.

Note: Windows users should use the 32 bit version of Live Lite 9 until further notice.


To access AmpliTube Fender LE/SE software, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Authorization Manager" and download and install this application.
  3. Once the Authorization manager is installed, launch the application and follow the prompts to register AmpliTube.
  4. Follow the promts in the Authorization Manager. Once you have logged in there and registered your software serial, you will see your available downloads from within the Authorization Manager window. Select "AmpliTube Fender LE/SE (LE or SE will appear depending on the version you are eligible for).
  5. Download and install the software. 
  6. Once you have installed the software, launch the application. You will be prompted to Authorize on your computer. Please follow the prompts to Authorize for your computer.

With all previous AmpliTube versions (Including AmpliTube Fender LE/SE ), you are required to download AmpliTube 3. This is due to AmpliTube 3 being updated and supported with new features, 64-bit support, AAX support, and much more. You can register using their AmpliTube Fender LE/SE serial and that gear will then open up inside of AmpliTube 3 for continued use. 

Complete the process as normal. The Fender LE/SE gear should then be appearing for you. If for any reason they are not seeing the Fender gear, please follow the quick steps here: