American Rustic Ash
Strat® and Tele®

Faded satin lacquer finishes that make a statement

Elegant wood grain patterns that add a touch of class and character to your setup. Brown anodized aluminum pickguards that are guaranteed to turn heads in the studio or onstage. With their weathered exteriors and a look that’s bona fide Americana, U.S.-made Fender special edition Rustic Ash Telecaster® and Stratocaster® guitars prove that some things do look better with time. And with 60-plus years of perfected pickup artistry under our belts, we know they sound better, too.

From the bent steel saddles and stamped brass plates on the bridges of our Rustic Ash Telecasters to the aged white plastic parts on our Rustic Ash Stratocasters, these guitars are true testaments to the Fender philosophy of blending eye-catching aesthetics with time-honored design—down to the nitty-gritty details.

Texas Special™ Stratocaster® Pickups
Texas Tele® Pickups

Texas Special Pickups

But behind each classic look and contour, we’ve offset these ash-bodied beauts with Texas Special™ pickups for soaring sky-high output that’s anything but subtle. It’s the perfect counterbalance of weather-beaten look and sonic clarity—a visually stunning instrument with bark and bite.

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