The Mustang Bass

Short-scale Fender bass models date back to the mid-1960s Mustang Bass, which found its way into the hands of beginners and pros alike as a small instrument with a big sound and an identity all its own. The Mustang bass remains a spirited and distinctive instrument today, available in models offering vintage-style authenticity and hot-rodded modern mojo.


The Mustang Bass debuted in 1966 and was the last Fender bass guitar designed by Leo Fender himself. Students and beginners appreciated its short-scale simplicity, and even some pros used it for stage and studio. It remains the quintessential short-scale Fender bass model today in a handful of models tailored to the needs of modern bass players, beginners and veterans alike.

Small Body

The Mustang Bass's small body was comfortably ideal for the student bassists and newcomers the model was specifically designed for.

Short Scale

The Mustang Bass's comfortable 30"" short scale literally and figuratively put it within easy reach of the student bassists it was designed for.

Split Single-Coil Pickup

Small bass, yes, but with a big sound from a distinctive split single-coil pickup design.

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