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There is no better way to keep Fender amplifiers in great condition than by maintaining, repairing or modifying them with genuine Fender amp parts. From the mightiest speakers to the tiniest screws, choose from a vast selection of new and vintage-style parts that also includes knobs, jacks, tubes, tube sockets and shields, jewels, pilot lights and much more. After all, a great Fender electric instrument doesn’t sound like anything until it’s plugged in to a great Fender amplifier...

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Fender Speaker Types

Various Fender speakers are designed for everything from rock to jazz to blues to metal, but a poll of tone-chasing guitarists would probably reveal agreement with each categorization here....
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Transporting Your Amp

As sturdy as many amps are, many of them—especially tube amps—house fairly delicate electronics, and care must therefore be taken when transporting them...
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